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Dr. Sonya Rhodes

Dr. Sonya Rhodes is a psychotherapist and expert on marital and family relationships. Having received her Ph.D. from Columbia University, she is the co-author of four books: SURVIVING FAMILY LIFE; COLD FEET: WHY MEN DON’T COMMIT; and SECOND HONEYMOON: THE MID-LIFE MARRIAGE. Her latest book, co-authored with Susan Schneider, is The Alpha Woman Meets Her Match: How Strong Women Can Find Love and Happiness Without Settling (William Morrow, April 15, 2014).

As the marriage columnist for McCall’s magazine for several years, Dr. Rhodes discussed issues affecting couples at all stages of the life cycle. Dr. Rhodes has also been a guest on television programs including Oprah, Good Morning America, and the Today Show. Sonya now keeps a regular blog on Huffington Post.

Dr. Rhodes has held part-time faculty positions at Columbia University, Hunter College, and New York Medical College. She lives in New York City with her husband, where she has a private practice specializing in couples therapy.

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Susan Schneider

© Andrea Reese

© Andrea Reese

Susan Schneider is a writer living in New York City. The “Alpha Woman Meets Her Match” is her third book written with Dr. Sonya Rhodes. Susan published her first novel, The Wedding Writer, in 2011, and is working on her second novel.

She has published widely in national women’s magazines on topics that include relationships, gender issues, parenting, fashion, travel, and weddings.

Susan is a high Beta, with a strong and growing Alpha trend.