Alpha/Beta Personality Types:

Green: High Alpha (51-100%) and High Beta (51-100%)

You are a “true” hybrid: high in Alpha and Beta. You are very self-confident and ambitious, and you will lead as well as compromise in a relationship. This is an unusual profile since most of us are not high in both qualities. You will match with many people, but be careful about a partner who is in the {Pale Beige} box; that relationship will be codependent since you will do all the work. Your ideal match is with someone like yourself or someone adjacent to you (Green, Blue, Yellow, Lime Green).

Yellow: High Alpha (51-100%) and Mid Beta (26-50%)

You are High Alpha and Mid Beta, which means that you are dominant in most relationships but have the capacity to collaborate and compromise. However, you have to guard against imposing your strong will and overpowering people. You will match up well with a partner who has a strong Mid to High Beta profile and will allow your Alpha to lead. Your best match is with someone more laid-back than you, who will help you take the edge off when necessary (Blue or Pink).

Red: High Alpha (51-100%) and Low Beta (0-25%)

You are exceedingly dominant, in fact, downright bossy. Since your controlling Alpha is so strong, you need to soften it by developing your Beta side and allowing yourself to feel vulnerable. Your best fit is a partner with High Beta qualities—but he or she should also have at least a Mid dose of Alpha, or else you will roll over him/her. Look for a partner who falls in Blue or Lime Green. If your partner is too much like you (High Alpha- Low Beta), the two of you will end up in endless arguments and power struggles.

Blue: Mid Alpha (26-50%) and High Beta (51-100%)

You are a good mixture of Alpha and Beta; you probably get along with everyone and are well liked. You are confident without being overbearing. As a cooperative person, you may prefer letting your partner take the lead—but you are not a pushover. You will partner well with a strong Alpha (Green, Yellow), since you can hold your own. However, you will be comfortable in a stable, secure relationship with another person like yourself, in Blue.

Lime Green: Mid Alpha (26-50%) and Mid Beta (26-50%)

You are a hybrid of Mid Alpha and Mid Beta. You are easygoing, and with your good relationship skills, you can create an equal, compatible relationship with someone like yourself (Lime Green). Since both of you tend to shy away from confrontation, this safe, secure partnership would have only a low degree of conflict. However, because you are a hybrid, you have several more challenging options (Red, Yellow, Green). With any of these matches, you would be the nurturer and your partner would be the leader. You might have to develop a little more Alpha so that you can occasionally push back.

Orange: Mid Alpha (26-50%) and Low Beta (0-25%)

You are confident in many situations, but you are not intuitive about the feelings of others and tend not to work hard to maintain your relationships. You are super low-key, sometimes too laid-back, and conflict-avoidant. You need a partner who is higher in Beta than you are (Yellow, Lime Green), so that you can learn to be more tuned in to others.

Pink: Low Alpha (0-25%) and High Beta (51-100%)

You are very accommodating and sensitive, and you seek security and stability in your relationships. You do not like to rock the boat and tend to avoid competition and confrontation. Your strength is in your emotional accessibility; you seek deep relationships and are able to compromise, but you lack spunk and confidence. Your most complementary partnerships are with the stronger Alphas in the color chart—but beware of becoming codependent with someone who dominates you.

Purple: Low Alpha (0-25%) and Mid Beta (26-50%)

As an emotional person you value your relationships a lot, but you lack self-confidence and find it difficult to sound your own horn. Although you have strong opinions, you are uncomfortable fighting for what you believe in. You might be drawn to partners with High Alpha (Yellow or Red), which puts you at risk of being bullied. Because you do not like confrontations and seek compatibility, you need to learn not to back away from challenges. You would do best with a partner similar to you (Purple or Pink) or a Mid Alpha (Blue or Lime Green).

Pale Beige: Low Alpha (0-25%) and Low Beta (0-25%)

You are unsure of yourself and too conforming. Passive, anxious, and excessively self-critical, you are sometimes afraid of your own shadow and worry way too much about what people think. You tend to misjudge others’ motives and intentions. Before you get into a relationship, take stock and think about how to develop more self-confidence. Otherwise, you will be taken advantage of and possibly even mistreated. Be careful—you are vulnerable!