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Are there any positive or negative consequences of two beta (or “nurturing”) people dating each other? How does this affect conflict in the relationship? Does this kind of pair often stagnate or fail to motivate themselves/each other?


The Beta/Beta relationship is characterized by gentleness and sensitivity which contribute in a very positive way to intimacy. The pairing of two Betas creates a close relationship based on mutual respect and companionship. They are supportive to each other because they intuit each other’s vulnerability. These relationships are safe and secure.

Beta couples tend to be agreeable which is both a strength and a weakness. Being agreeable makes for a stable and peaceful relationship. On the other hand, when there are differences and problems to solve which require confrontation and conflict resolution, they are not at their best. They avoid challenging each other and prefer to maintain the status quo.

Betas do not like to make waves. They need to be encouraged to bring up and to talk about problems. They avoid criticizing each other at all costs, which sometimes means that they do not push each other to meet challenges.

—Sonya Rhodes, Ph.D.

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