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I scored Pink on your test (10% alpha, 66% beta) – what dating advice would you give to someone with this score? Although the test says we’re compatible with high alphas, are hybrids or alpha-leaning betas also a good match?


Dear Betababe

You have a large spread between your alpha and beta scores…which means that you aim to bring up your alpha score so your high compatibility with an Alpha will work even better for you. Right now, you may be overpowered by a strong Alpha male so that you need to be a bit more confident about what you want.

Hybrids are even a better match for you…a strong beta/mid alpha would be a good match because the Beta qualities you would have in common would create a sensitive and supportive relationship.

Thanks for letting me comment. The alpha/beta quiz can be taken again as you develop your Alpha side.

—Sonya Rhodes, Ph.D.

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